First Sketchbound Dubai meet-up!

World Community Arts Day 17th February 2014

Venue: The Archive, Dubai.

The first Sketchbound meeting in Dubai was a very enjoyable gathering. Dima from Lebanon, Samira from Brazil, Nora from Russia, Anita from Northern Ireland and I sat around the table at the heart of The Archive, exchanged stories and celebrated the art of sketching together surrounded by a library of wonderful books on art and culture in the Middle East.



IMG_20140217_193833IMG_20140217_193843 IMG_20140217_193903 IMG_20140217_194520 IMG_20140217_195056 IMG_20140217_195102 IMG_20140217_195120 IMG_20140217_195131 IMG_20140217_201445 IMG_20140217_201506 IMG_20140217_201511 IMG_20140217_201626 IMG_20140217_201632 IMG_20140217_201638 IMG_20140217_201822 IMG_20140217_201853 IMG_20140217_201906 IMG_20140217_203219 IMG_20140217_203236

IMG_20140217_203245 IMG_20140217_203309 IMG_20140217_203332

IMG_20140217_203644 IMG_20140217_203700 IMG_20140217_203811 IMG_20140217_210825 IMG_20140217_210855 IMG_20140217_210901 IMG_20140217_212004 IMG_20140217_212023 IMG_20140217_212028 IMG_20140217_212058

The next Sketchbound Dubai will take place on Monday 3rd Feb 2014 at La Pain Quotidien Coffee Shop, Dubai Marina. The theme for our next meet-up is ‘Maps’


2 thoughts on “First Sketchbound Dubai meet-up!

  1. Brilliant drawings Alison and fellow sketchers! I can see why you chose the Archive as a venue, with all those books and visual inspiration. I see you are alternating venue for the next meet up and I am already intrigued to see if the type of sketches changes accordingly – well done on amazing work! From your long-distance fan 🙂 Alessandra

    • Hi Alessandra, thank you! We have a theme for our next meeting, ‘Maps’. I am looking forward to the next sketching meet-up to see how everyone interprets this theme. Hope all is very creative at Sketchbound Balbriggan!!

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