Great company and conversation…

The second sketching meet-up in Le Pain Quotidien in Marina Mall was a lovely evening of sketching and discussion. Stories of home towns and countries, professional work, college, ongoing projects and Dubai experiences flowed all the while pencils and pens were busy sketching and drawing. Within the relaxed atmosphere of the cafe restaurant, Samira, Dina and Alison worked on their artwork at the communal table and created their own world!

Sketchbound Dubai‘s next meet-up will be on St. Patrick’s Day Monday 17th and the theme is… Green! Venue will be Le Pain Quotidien, Dubai Marina. Some members will attend Sketch Night at thejamjar studio in Al Quoz. We might see you there!

Here are some images from the meet-up…




One thought on “Great company and conversation…

  1. Love the sketches and the different styles. Well done, ladies, sounds like you had a great evening. The cafe looks like a great setting too. Greetings from Ireland, where the days are (slowly) getting longer.

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