Sketch Night at thejamjar…

On Monday 10th at 7pm I went along to Sketch Night at thejamjar studio for 3rd Mondays.
When I arrived at thejamjar there was a great buzz about the venue, people were already sketching and the musicians from Freshly Ground Sounds were setting up to perform. I wandered over to a small table and took out my sketchbook and pencils. I decided to sketch a scene from the night and got to work. Live music filled the air and everyone in thejamjar was united in the act of drawing, conversation and appreciation of the event.
3rd Mondays is a “collaboration between thejamjar and The Domino, a monthly networking evening for creatives; an open platform for discussion, interaction and exchange.
Covering conceptual and industry-based concepts, the evenings are an opportunity for creative minds to share ideas, challenge themselves and discover new opportunities amongst like-minded individuals. A programme will be released every three months and will be held at thejamjar, Al Quoz.” ~ thejamjar
My sketch from the night!
Dubai-Scene were there covering the event and asked if I would talk to them about my sketch… I agreed and here is the final cut! The clip truely captures the atmosphere of Sketch Night. A great night it was indeed, a huge thank you to all the organisers.

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