Rain at Sketchbound…

Last night Sketchbound met once again at the communal table to sketch, doodle, draw and paint! Our theme this week was inspired by the recent heavy downpowers that drenched Dubai… a welcome change from the heat of the sun.

The conversation as always, flowed easy and the group discussed their home countries regarding rain. Samira from Brazil illustrated a striking depiction of San Petro. Samira explained that people of Brazil pray to San Pedro to grant them rainfall for a break from the heat of the sun. I explained that in Ireland we have the opposite problem and talked about the ‘Child of Prague’ being put in the garden in the hope that the rain will stop!! These stories are part of what makes Sketchbound an enjoyable encounter. The act of drawing unites us in more ways than one!

We all enjoyed teas and coffees with snacks from Le Pain Quotidien and all the while we worked busily filling the pages of our sketchbooks. A playful scene from ‘Singing in the Rain’ was created  by Uri with Gene Kelly the focal point of his composition. Dina busily filled pages of her sketchbook with her beautiful detailed pen illustrations. I brought my watercolours and painted an array of vibrant umbrellas in a shower of rain.

We will meet again in two weeks, 14th April at 7.30pm in Le Pain Quotidien and at the communal table.

Here are the creations from last night…



2 thoughts on “Rain at Sketchbound…

  1. Hi there, I very recently heard about the group and shared this with my daughter who is very keen to join. Is there a registration procedure?

    • Hi Naeema,
      Apologies, I am only starting to update the blog now. I have neglected the blog quite recently due to work commitments.
      There is no registration proceedure. Your daughter can drop by any time. We recently rescheduled our Monday nights at LPQ, Marina Mall to Sundays. The next meet-up at Marina Mall will be Sunday 22nd June.
      Best wishes,

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