Sketchbound’s latest meet ups at LPQ Marina Mall & Dubai Mall

Sketchbound now has two meet-ups happening in Dubai City, both were organised for Monday nights, however this was causing confusion and so the Marina meet-ups were rescheduled for Sunday Nights.
Last Sunday’s meet-up on the 8th June was a great success, we had 10 sketchers at the communal table at Le Pain Quotidien at Marina Mall. There was great creativity and conversation throughout the meet-up. Original members Dina and Samira were there, recent member Omer and we welcomed Tylla, Amir, Abbos, Fiona, Joel, Jason, and Jessie. Most of the new members found Sketchbound on ‘meet-up’ and three new members attended following an advertisement in 7daysinDubai Newspaper. This was news to me as I knew nothing about the advert! It made me smile, Sketchbound is getting noticed!

On Monday night the 9th June, regular Sketchbound members met at the communal table at LPQ in Dubai Mall. The group was smaller than Sunday night however, the creativity and conversation flowed throughout the meet-up.
Artwork from both nights included observation drawing and imaginative composition. Take a look at the work from Sunday and Monday created by Sketchbound members here…

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