Marina Mall 22nd June

The communal table once again was centre stage for Sketchbound Dubai’s Sunday gathering. And tonight Sketchbound welcomed two new members, Jayesh and Mina. Following introductions, our conversation flowed from one interesting topic to another!

Jayesh, shared his sketches from his sketchbook which spans 20 years, take a look here;

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Mina’s previous work can be viewed here.

With books for visual reference scattered across the table and art materials hapazardly placed among these books, we all engaged in listening and participating to the night’s discussions. What I loved about this meet-up was how our conversation was supported by doodles, diagrams and visual descriptions…

The beauty of Sketchbound is that, sometimes, the conversation can inspire sketches. We shared stories about our interests, our cultures and beliefs! Leonard DaVinci and Khalil Gibram cropped up in conversation and the sketching session was definitely a union of Art & Science! I for one, left the meet-up with my head buzzing with questions, curiosity and inspiration!

Here is a taste of sketches from the night…

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Coffee was complimentary thanks to Jayesh who treated us, Jayesh was celebrating winning a big award for two advertisements he worked on. Take a look here…

Thanks Jayesh and Congratulations!!

Until next time… keep sketching and enjoy the process!


2 thoughts on “Marina Mall 22nd June

  1. Thankyou Alison for welcoming me into sketchbound dubai. Hello to the rest of the sketchbound members.
    It was indeed a wonderful experience which has left me looking forward to our next meet… anxiously…

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