“As a graphic designer and art teacher, I have always been driven by drawing. Drawing is a powerful communication tool and something that we are born with. Everyone has expressed themselves with markmaking and has been engaged in the act of drawing and creating images at some stage of their lives, especially as children.

It is my love for drawing and encouraging more people to draw that made me decide to take art and drawing outside of the classroom. I wanted to make a space for drawing available to the community and to people of all walks of life. All you need is paper and pencils or whatever your art material of choice may be. Once I made that decision, I launched Sketchbound on 4th November 2012 in Balbriggan, a seaside town in North County Dublin, Ireland.

Sketchbound’s fundamental aim is to encourage and nurture creativity through drawing, sketching and doodling! There is no skill level required. Everyone is welcome, even if you haven’t picked up a pencil for 20 years!! The group is very relaxed, there are no commitments, you can join in when it suits you, and stay for an hour or three. It is entirely up to you. But what you will experience is skill sharing, group learning, great conversation and over time a collection of drawings to be proud of.

For me, the importance of Sketchbound is providing a space for people to unwind, relax and feel free to draw and gain confidence to develop their skill at their own pace. This is the reason why I set up Sketchbound.

Presently, I reside in Dubai and I have brought my Sketchbound initiative with me. I look forward to meeting and sketching with avid sketchers and doodlers in Dubai!” ~ Alison O’Grady

Sketchbound Balbriggan meet every Saturday from 2pm to 5pm at Molly’s Coffee Gallery.Sketchbound Dubai meet every second Monday from 7.30pm onwards, presently at Le Pain Quotidient, Dubai Marina Mall.

You can find out more on Sketchbound’s facebook group page.

Why not check out Sketchbound Balbriggan here!

New members are always very welcome to Sketchbound meet ups, Dubai’s first Sketchbound was launched on Monday 17 February 2014 to coincide with World Community Arts Day.


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