Sketchbound’s first outdoor sketching meet-up…

Sketchbound held its first outdoor sketching meeting at Burj Park on November 29th at 10am. Members from both Sunday and Monday night groups gathered under the shade of trees and looked skywards at Burj Khalifa and around at the buildings of Old Town deciding on their subject matter. We chatted intermittently while sketching our view of choice. Many of group sketched the Burj Khalifa and the variety results were wonderful. Art materials ranged from pencils to watercolours and the surface for sketching, ranged from sketchbooks to coffee cups! Everyone enjoyed the meet-up and agreed to meet soon for more outdoor sketching. Our next outdoor meet-up will take place on Saturday 13th of December in Safa Park at 10.30am. We will meet at The Archive.

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Sunday 28th September @ LPQ

Tonight was a night of new and familiar faces at Sketchbound! Although it was the first time that many of us had met, we connected through conversation and our love of drawing. The artwork produced on the night was wonderful! Here’s to many more nights at the communal table, take a look at the artwork here and enjoy…

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News with Sketchbound…

After a long Summer and a very busy few months, Sketchbound is back blogging!!

We now have two weekly meetings in Dubai. We continue to meet at the communal table in Le Pain Quotidien, Marina Mall from 7.30 pm and on Mondays at the ‘Connect’ table in The Pavilion Downtown from 7.30 pm.

Sketchbound is growing steadily and we have plans to meet on a Saturday morning once every one or two months at a different location and when the weather gets cooler, we will sketch outdoors.

Monday 15th is Galleries Night at Alserkal Avenue and Sketchbound members will gather at the entrance at 7pm as a group and visit the galleries at Alserkal. Freshly Ground Sounds will be performing at A4 space. So we look forward to an evening of inspiration and fun.

Check out Alskeral Avenue here;

Here is Alserkal Avenue alive during an arts event… this will give you a flavour of what Monday night will be like!

There are lots of photos of sketches from Sketchbound members to follow this post so please do keep tune…

Marina Mall 22nd June

The communal table once again was centre stage for Sketchbound Dubai’s Sunday gathering. And tonight Sketchbound welcomed two new members, Jayesh and Mina. Following introductions, our conversation flowed from one interesting topic to another!

Jayesh, shared his sketches from his sketchbook which spans 20 years, take a look here;

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Mina’s previous work can be viewed here.

With books for visual reference scattered across the table and art materials hapazardly placed among these books, we all engaged in listening and participating to the night’s discussions. What I loved about this meet-up was how our conversation was supported by doodles, diagrams and visual descriptions…

The beauty of Sketchbound is that, sometimes, the conversation can inspire sketches. We shared stories about our interests, our cultures and beliefs! Leonard DaVinci and Khalil Gibram cropped up in conversation and the sketching session was definitely a union of Art & Science! I for one, left the meet-up with my head buzzing with questions, curiosity and inspiration!

Here is a taste of sketches from the night…

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Coffee was complimentary thanks to Jayesh who treated us, Jayesh was celebrating winning a big award for two advertisements he worked on. Take a look here…

Thanks Jayesh and Congratulations!!

Until next time… keep sketching and enjoy the process!

Sketchbound at Dubai Mall and a touch of World Cup fever…

Last night Sketchbound met at the communal table of Le Pain Quotidien. This meet-up was very small due to the World Cup, however, were entertained by the cheering of the crowds that had gathered to watch the match on the huge screen above the ice rink in Dubai Mall.

With a coffee and a chocolate fix I settled at the usual spot and started to sketch!

I was joined by Pradeep where we discussed artwork, sketching and Leonardo DaVinci!!
Here are our sketches from the meet-up…

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Next meet up is at Le Pain Quotidien, Marina Mall, Sunday 22nd June from 7.30pm.
Til then, keep sketching!